Friday, June 20, 2008

Swimming with the Nose-Fish

That's what I thought the moment I put my mask into the water while snorkeling off the coast of Wailea, Maui. I was in the middle of a small school of these nose-fish!! I just looked them up and found out their actual name is unicornfish and that they HAVE SHARP SPINES. Good thing I didn't harrass them, heh.

(This photo is from Maui Ocean Center's website... ) I still haven't done anything with my photos, though I have looked over DH's shoulder while he's uploaded his pics. He got some really great shots, and I'm so glad he was able to document my scuba adventure success :)

Knitting? Well...I have been working on the Summer Sampler Study, as noted previously. I am having a lot of fun doing this, but Wednesday I messed up >:( I messed up because I went to a bellydance show for 1-1/2 hours at a martini bar, had a dirty martini, and then came home and tried to knit lace from a chart. DUH! So now I'm not sure if I'm gonna leave it as-is, insert a lifeline and rip it back, or what. It's not too obvious, but is noticeable. Maybe I'll save it to remember the dance show a tree growth-ring that shows the year there was a fire in the forest. I'll be sure not to drink and knit again on this project :)

I am really stuck lately. I want to start on a plain old garterstitch project like the log cabin blankie, something "brainless" to work on, but can't seem to get the yarn and the needles and the pattern to line up for any one project in particular. I should really get going on my Ballerina, which I stopped 3 rows into due to ridiculous pattern writing. But that is not going to be brainless to decipher... I have so many partially finished projects, like bunnies and kitties and hats that it is making me crazy. I need to finish them and 'get them off my back.' I don't have a monkey on my back, I have bunnies, kitties, and bears (oh my).

Well I'm back to work two weeks and now have bronchitis. Sigh. My job is really awful that way. So I need to buy stock in antibiotics I guess. I didn't make it to knitting tonight because of it, and I'd been looking forward to that all week. Grrr.

I would like to spend this weekend organizing my stash, and it'll be a good one for that if it keeps raining. I hope to get back to blogging more regularly now. I've also been a slacker moderating my Ravelry groups. So sorry :)

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Sharon said...

Cant' wait to see the Hawaii pictures. Did you have a nice time? BTW, I made the mistake of lace + mojitos = frogpond. I can't operate needles and lace while under the influence either.

For the garter stitch, how about Juliet or the February Lady Sweater? I am in garter stitch nirvana with the lady sweater right now.