Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hellooooooo everybodeeeeeeeee!

Remember Grover?!

Hello, I'm back. Now I feel ready to resume my "normal" life.

Our last day in Maui...roadside pics on our way to the airport, and a dolphin alongside our catamaran the previous day!

I became a changed person during my visit to Hawai'i, and DH too. So it's been slow getting back into the groove again, though I HAVE been knitting :) But there hasn't been much time (my usual complaint) because the last two weekends were WASTED--I was really sick. Today, I'm still getting over a nasty bronchitis/sinus thing >: And, my boss is out of town again, so my workload has increased exponentially as it always does when he's gone. Sigh. Whatevah...

Went to knitting last night, and had a great time! I was so bummed to miss out the week before (due to illness) but it was really nice to be back with my chicas! And chicos :) I love to see what everyone is making, and it was fun to get such great comments on my lace sampler project. Thanks guys!

I am ordering some yarn from my LYS for a Christmas present I have planned. I'm making a masculine version of the Moderne Log Cabin blanket. I'm excited, because it's not going to be made out of cheezy acrylic (I'm on that rant again). I'll be making it out of superwash Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted. I just placed the order, so I should be able to cast on in a couple of weeks. Yay, more garter stitch! I'm going through garterstitch withdrawal after finishing Meinstein Coat in April. That was a great go-to project for mostly brainless knitting.

I promised pics of the Haekelbeutel:
This bag is super-huge, I have to get a pic with it on my shoulder. It reaches my knees! I guess it'll be for swimsuits and towels on our way to the beach, cuz if I try to put heavy groceries in it, it will be draggin' on the ground, heh!
I have loads of housework and yardwork to catch up on today and tomorrow, but I will try to add pics to this post later today. I finally feel like the time is now right to deal with my Maui photos. (Plus, I have to empty the digital card before next week: my grampa is celebrating his 95th birthday on the 4th of July, and a huge family reunion is scheduled around it for the whole weekend!)

I hope everyone's summer is going well. Negativity alert: We are having the most awful humidity. Ever since we disembarked from the Maui plane, I have been uncomfortable. It feels like an Amazon jungle outside--I let the dogs out at 5:30 AM usually, and the humidity hits me like a rude slap! It's awful, and incubating so many illnesses; we are seeing waves of people with diarrhea, sinus infections, bronchitis, and of course allergies!!! I really feel for those who have breathing problems to begin with, this weather STINKS.

I want to get back to blog-reading soon, and regular blogging. I'd like to see what everyone is up to. I miss you all!

But, I won't be blogging (or surfing) next weekend due to the grampa-party (in another state)...y'all have a great Independence Day :)


Barbara said...

Welcome back! Yikes July 4 is just around the corner and I have nothing red white and blue created yet! Hope you feel better and will post some of you Hawaii adventures! Aloooooha!

Aim said...

Thanks Barbara in Hawai'i :) I didn't do any RW&B either, though I should try to crank out a star blankie for my grampers, its a little late to START thinking about that :(

Opal said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your tip to Maui! :-)