Thursday, February 14, 2008

No Sleep 4 U

Geez. I even tried a sample of prescription sleeping pill tonight. No go. I'm up after 5 hours sleep.

Mostly b/c DH just came to bed and this awakened me, and my mind started racing with some cool knitting brainstorms! I HAD to get up and write them down in my little book of ideas, for inspiration later on!!!!

I am starting the Hello Kitty KAL first project, finally. At 6 weeks later than everyone else. But I joined it, I need to do it. And I decided to make the first project in a scaled down yarn and needle size to fit an American Girl doll. So, I am starting that project right now. I love being creative, it's so fulfilling!

Will post pics later, once I get a start on it. Now to print out Oslofia's first pattern :)



Opal said...

Can't wait to see your HK project!

shell said...

I look forward to seeing the project, hope you get more sleep soon.

Vyvyan said...

Funny how creative our minds can be in the wee hours of the night. I've woke up many times and come up with some cool knitting ideas.

Your banner is cute enough to eat!

hakucho said...

I have noticed since I quit all caffeine(except chocolate)that I sleep much better...I know all too well those racing thoughts that keep you awake. I really need my sleep.

happy knitting :)