Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More midnight knitting...

Yes. It IS 3:29 AM. Sigh. After casting about for 2 days, unable to settle on the next project, I finally cast on (in the wee hours of this morning) for the Einstein Coat, from the Sally Melville book 'The Knit Stitch.' I had purchased the yarn for this project last spring, and tucked it away. It is thick, 100% wool, very nice to work with. I am already loving it! Nice brainless knitting. Just the ticket ;-D

The color is not true in either photo, it's just a nice apple green in daylight!

I just need to get myself some circular Addi Turbos in size 10, maybe 24" and 36"? The fabric this knits into is very thick and strong. It will make a wonderful coat. However, knitting this on straight needles is becoming very heavy already! I don't need to make my tendonitis flare up, so ergonomics are important!

Mods: I am knitting this in the size medium, because it looks better if it is not too oversized, and I am adding 1" to the peplum length due to being long-waisted. I see that the bodice stretches like a fiend, so I may also take away an inch from that. We'll see when I get there. Right now I'm on the peplum.

And, Ballerina has come to a screeching halt!

Grrr. I simply cannot get past the awful instructions for this. I am going to have to sit down and write out row-by-row where the increases are, and color changes, etc. I got about 8 rows knit up and am completely stuck. This, as it stands now, is not going to be a knit-while-you-do-something-else kind of thing. And it's only garter stitch, for crying out loud!

These count for knitting from the stash, right?!

Off to bed now....'night all!


Opal said...

Yay for brainless knitting! Boo to hopelessly confusing patterns! Good luck on the Ballerina.

Vyvyan said...

I love the apple green-ness of your Einstein coat yarn. It's going to be fun to wear.

Seems like I've heard other folks complain about Falkenburg's instructions. Good Luck with that one!

hakucho said...

Your Einstein jacket looks great so far! Very springlike color :) Do go and get the circular needles sooner than later. I have had very painful tendonitis and you certainly don't want to risk getting in a bad way!!

happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

Get the spreadsheet for ballerina from the Hanne KAL. It makes all the difference in the world. It becomes a mindless knit. I never could have made mine without it.