Sunday, January 2, 2011

Color Therapy

New Year's Eve Memories....

I made some Italian Hot Chocolate today, after walking my doggie in the frigid wind-chill. Boy did I need it! It was creamy and good--I added brandy to mine, and warmed up even more :) I served it just like Lex did in the original recipe and it tasted wonderful!

Next I want to try Nutella Hot Chocolate! I never thought to use Nutella that way!

I have been working like a fiend since yesterday, on this:

I uncovered it in one of my WIPs bags. Guess I needed a little Noro color therapy! :) I always seem to need that this time of year!

Here's my favorite new holiday recipe: Oreo Truffles. Need I say more?! These are incredible, and take about 15 minutes to make!


2/3 of a bag of oreo cookies, 35 cookies or so (35 cookies make 35 truffles)
8 oz cream cheese
Chocolate for dipping, white or dark

Pulverize the cookies in a food processor until they are uniformly fine crumbs. Throw in the brick of cheese and process until it forms a ball of chocolate dough. You don't even need to bring the cheese to room temp for this!

Next, use a tiny ice-cream scoop to form about 1 inch balls of the dough, and place each on wax paper on a cookie sheet. Freeze for about 5-7 minutes to firm them up even more.

Melt your dipping chocolate, dip each ball and put back onto the wax-paper lined tray, and put the tray back into the freezer to firm up another 5-7 minutes. Then let sit at room temp--these get better even a couple of days later! YUMMY!

(Only cream cheese could have made Oreos any better!)

While you are sitting around eating bonbons (!) you can play this cute online game called Scarygirl. What a hoot.

WIP countdown:
Tonight I finished a sleeve of the Aran Wrap Cardi while watching the Bears lose to Green Bay. Only 1 sleeve left to go! My goal is to wear this wool sweater in January, so I think that another week ought to do it--I'll take it to work and see what I can get done at lunch hours this week!

Happy knitting y'all!

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The Glam Lamb said...

OMG - nutella hot chocolate?!?!?! Did you do it?? If so - keep m posted on how it went!! That sounds unreal. I was in London for a week and lived off nutella and bread since I hated the food... and ever since i've had a love for nutella like no other!! HAHA