Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Paranoidal Cyst

Mah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaa! That's a phrase I actually came across in the hospital! Giggle--(translation = pilonidal cyst).

Anyway, that was the highlight of my workday. Pathetic, isn't it :D

I love this idea for a pocket garden! What a cool original thought! Especially appealing to me now that the sky, the ground and the roads are all the same color. The season of drab is upon me, and anything green is quite welcome!

Oh, for all the time in the world, to be able to sew such a beautiful shirred duvet cover. Drool. Shabby Chic and quite restful to look at. I love that something so beautifully textured could be on your bed. And, look how cheap she made that (compared to buying it at anthropologie!) I. Want. One.

Lex is a genius, I love her tutorial on how to make your own pleater board. Great idea for the seamstress!

Okay. Done for 2010. Bye, you sucky year. May 2011 bring good things for all of us!


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