Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Update

You know you're used to winter when 32 degrees doesn't feel that cold to you. I guess that's the only thing that makes winter tolerable--it's all relative.

I am reading the LEFT BEHIND series, by Tim LaHaye. I never thought I'd read this series, it sounded 'hokey' to me even as a Christian, but I have to admit, I couldn't put the first book down! It's gripping. I should've known I'd enjoy reading these, as Frank Peretti's books absolutely stunned me when they came out! How I wish I could write like that...:)

Bills are hitting hard this season, after a surgery, college classes next semester for DS, and the holidays all making extra expenses. I think much of America is in the same boat. I have had to have my car towed twice since I bought it in September (grrr), but thankfully that is covered on mfr warranty through next year. I just hope this isn't a trend that will continue.

Not much time to knit lately, but I'm still a fan! And I am expecting some yarn-time later this winter! I look forward to more family togetherness the next couple of weeks, then some alone time!

I am so amazed at God's goodness, how he provides for and cares for his loved ones. If only everyone would love him back. I am inspired by the Amish and their daily PRACTICE of beliefs. It is too easy to say you believe, but not act it. I am concentrating on that, like the book of James tells us. I am confident my God hears my prayers, and I rest in Him. I wish you all the same peace through Christ!



p.s. I recently found out about a great online resource for bible study, that has concordance and word-study assistance for Greek and Hebrew key words!

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Carrie#K said...

I like the poster. I have the cup but it's still carry "on". Yarn is better.

Don't start me on practice of beliefs.