Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Latest Lace

I love fan lace edgings. I have spent a lot of time and effort collecting patterns for fan laces. And so, when I saw Piecework Magazine's latest issue with a recreated vintage version, I had to try it:

I love this pattern, but it is written out in a manner that makes it difficult to follow, and to pick it up again once you put it down. I simply cannot see being stuck to the magazine page the whole time I am making this. So I will be charting it in symbols--I think it will be worth it, I love the resulting lace!

gotta get ready for work. Sigh. Happy T-day everyone!



Acornbud said...

Very pretty. You have a lot of patience:) Happy Thanksgiving!

PJ said...

very nice! can you add length or do you have to start with the length of it and work onto that? {hopefully that made sense} Happy t day, too!

Aim said...

PJ, it is something that is made from side to side, each fan + it's heading added over the course of 13 rows. So you can make it any length you like at any time (i.e. stopping when you get tired!)

hakucho said...

Very pretty lace. You could use it to dress up just about anything :) Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving :)