Sunday, November 14, 2010

I wanna do that...

Mi coche.

My wanna-do list gets bigger whenever I surf my favorite blogs:

Making homemade soap is so compelling to me. I want to do that someday, especially this homemade laundry soap! I LOVE that idea--

though I have to admit, my favorite ever laundry soap is now sold at Super Target!! Woo hoooooooo!

This stuff actually gets my clothing clean, where Cheer no longer did, and it is cheap as heck! You use one tiny little scoop of this to each load, and one box of this at $8 or $11 (whatever it was) has now lasted me 3 months and I'm only halfway through it! I LOVE THIS STUFF so much that making my own laundry soap sounds like a cool thing to do once for the experience, but I plan to use this Watkins product 4-evah! It's all natural!

Back to the Wanna-Do List:
there's metal stamping!!! I just ordered my first set of metal stamps from Etsy and am so excited. My fav thing to [think about doing] is recycling old silverware. And there are some really cool examples of this on Etsy, I'm loving all of it. I bought old silverware at a garage sale once, and intended to make wind chimes of them--what could be better than wind chimes with words stamped on?! Such a great idea to stamp words....I'm loving the whole thing. Maybe I should take a jewelry making class at my local community college.....

I think these rockin' baby bibs from tee-shirts are a great idea! Squee!!! I would'a been the geekiest SAHM if this blogging world was available to me back then, heh! I guess I'll have to settle for being the geekiest working gramma someday...

Look at this lovely mosaic wall-art, made to copy a Pottery Barn item. What a gorgeous piece of art in the finished room!

And lastly, pretty lace tape. Great idea for gift wrapping, etc!

(Oh, look at the turkey placemats....)

Wish I had a million years of free time. Happy Crafty Holiday Season everyone!


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SJ said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out! Try it. It may just leave Watkins in the dust.