Sunday, August 2, 2009


I'm trying to be a more positive influence in the blogosphere. It's so easy to be negative, and I don't want to add that to the world at large. So after the maudlin post yesterday about poor me, here is something more upbeat.

I plan on making this sweater next, it's the Leaf Yoke Top from Knit1 S/S09 issue. I love this pattern, it looks to be a pleasurable knit.

But I have one question....why did Michael Jackson pose in this sweater?! Wierd.

I'll move on.

Random things you never wanted to know about me:

1) Pinecones that are shaped like turds freak me out.
2) I love a man in a uniform (with MANY exceptions, as the girls at work have pointed out!)
3) I NEED sunshine to keep me happy.

I'm goin' crazy in the midwest this year with the overcast 60s all the time. I'm really whiney about this, because it makes so much difference to my mood. The rare sunny days we get are during the work week and the weekends are ALL rainy, cold, and gray. If I wanted to live in Seattle, I would move there. Hawaii is looking mighty good right now. I can't take much more of this.

Back to knitting: here are some fun links. I LOVE RAVELRY!

Here is the pattern design blog for the Leaf Yoke Top in the photo above. I love Angela's design blog!

This is a normal looking doily, but the pansies around the edge look very realistic.

Pretty pretty fiber to spin....

Izumi's lovely knit blog--it's all in Japanese, but the photos speak for themselves.

Fun knitting blogs: A Sheep in Wool's Clothing She always has something interesting to say. And a blog from somewhere in scandinavia--I'm not sure where exactly, but she has neat felted slippers, spinning and garden photos going on. Felisis norwegian knit bloghas good location photos.

Another nice blog about spinning, knitting and weaving. I'm interested in learning weaving, have been for 25+ years, but I recently realized I don't have time for yet another hobby so for now I'll be happy with knit, spin, crochet, tat, scrapbook, sew, cook, garden, write, read, and Bible study. Yes, I have enough to do!

I saw someone's version of this lace top by Shiri, and now it's on my WIST list! So pretty!

Best new find: the Flower Power Elephant pattern for free through Ravelry. These rock!!!

Happy knitting.


Kristina said...

That is a really gorgeous sweater. Despite its sheer awesomeness, I've never managed to learn how to knit. Someday.

Sweetfern Handmade

Carrie K said...

Michael Jackson was such a good looking girl. That top looks cute. Ravelry links! Noooo! I already can't finish anything.

You can have out weather. It's actually 70 and cloudy today but it's WONDERFUL, it's the first practically all summer. Hot blue skies are vastly overrated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aim! I'm Clair - one of the pipers (er - piper in training, that is!) your hubby meets with on Monday nights. Bob sent me the link to your blog since I knit also. I'm currently working on merino/ silk socks for the Hubs, and silk eyemask thingies for some girlfriends for Xmas (please don't shoot me for saying the C word in August! Must start early to get all the projects done that I have planned!). I'm more of a quick project kind of girl. Socks, mittens, hats, scarves, an occasional lace shawl... short attention span theatre, ya know!

I don't know if Bob saw them last week, but I brought in a pattern for kilt hose that I found. I'd love to make them for everybody once we get kilts, but I don't think I can get that many legs covered alone! ;-) If you get bored over the long winter, let me know! Hope to meet you sometime soon. My email is And Bob has me on Facebook too. ~Clair