Friday, August 7, 2009

Something to Say

Oh ho, ah ha ha haaa haaaaaaa! I HAD to post it, ha ha, it's just too too good.
Let's see how did that go? Oh yes: "vote for change." Ho ho. Ha ha.

Too bad the joke's on us. We're stuck with that for 4 YEARS.

Knitwise, I have been doing some serious keep myself distracted from the sale of my family's lake house. Here are links to some of the coolest patterns I've found, I thought I'd share them with you:

The most exciting project I found was these seahorse mittens. Aren't these great?! I can't wait to make a pair!!! (Perfect for taking to Hawaii when I move, I'm sure I'll need mittens, heh.)

Another is this crochet bolero. I love the styling of this. Here is a white version, sans pop-ups, and another really cute hot pink version! How Spanish looking!

I'd love to make this flower illusion shawl/scarf! How cute is that?! Pattern's in German, but I think you could figure it out from the diagram...

Don't recall if I posted this link before: free Christmas Stocking patterns from Cascade yarns. These work up really beautiful, you should see the ones listed on Ravelry!

I also want to make this pair of picot ankle socks. Looks good to me because it is plain--no foo foo lace pattern to follow--and they look quick! Someone on rav said they had to put elastic into the cuff to make them fit right, though.

Happy Knitting!

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Tim said...

Gee Aim! That looks like you posted a pic of my boss!