Friday, November 28, 2008


The HOLIDAY SEASON is in full force, and I am so happy to be "in" for the weekend. I'm done running around; we had our little trip for Thanksgiving to Grampa's, and drove home the same day, then I had to work 2 hours this morning (not bad, I know) and do some errands. One and one-half hours after entering the grocery store I came out with a huge cartload of goodies, and now we have a pumpkin pie and a cherry pie in the oven! Yay.

Because we ate out, (actually out of state), there is no such thing as leftovers, nor next-day turkey sandwiches here. And we couldn't stand the idea of no pies....

I hope those of you who go to the crazy shopping malls this weekend are safe. Did you hear about the Walmart employee who was trampled to death when the store opened? That is just crazy, what an awful thing. You will never catch me fighting with the crowds for the sales. That is not something I have ever done! Uh, uh. This one's holiday shopping is going to be accomplished on-line this year. Yeah!

Remember back a couple of months when I panicked and said I thought I didn't have enough yarn to finish the Summer Sampler Lace project? Well, I was right. I just ran out completely while knitting on it during our 4-hour drive, and I still have half the edging to go. Sigh. This will be put aside until after the holidays, when I can go about ordering yarn to (hopefully) match.

Other knitting from the bottom of the bag was then pulled out, the Jaywalkers sock I started in Maui in June. Half the stitches were off the needles, and since it had been about 7 months since I put them down, I had to concentrate to figure out where I was (it was just after the heelflap). By the time I got done fixing and studying it,and was able to knit one round, we had just gotten off the main road and started to drive the country lanes and I got really car-sick from looking down. I had to open the window and look forward till we arrived, and it was a while before I felt right again. Sheesh!

I am going to crank on gifts this weekend. I am knitting and crocheting furiously on two gifts (that are currently too large to take in the car). That is all the gift-knitting I planned on this year. But I am also planning a great load of other home-made stuff for gifting. And that's all I should say for now!

Hope everyone's knitting is moving right along. And I hope all your holiday plans are filled with special times and lots of family. Now, to go tackle that pumpkin pie....



knittinwolf said...

Oh, how I hate to run out of yarn on a project! I'm worried about that on a cardigan I'm knitting! Glad you had a nice, safe holiday! I hadn't heard about the Walmart awful! I've never gone shopping on Black Friday! My best friend used to love it! Have a great weekend!

Carrie K said...

Oh no!! I hope you find matching yarn.

Knitting in the car didn't work out either? Looks like it's holiday knitting from here on out. Monday is December 1st. I still can't quite believe it.

(I did the same thing w/my Jaywalkers, although I gave up trying to figure out where I was and ripped back).

mlanezoo said...

I'm with you...I am not one to join the crowds at the crazy shopping malls. Hayley begs me to go every year, but I refuse. Have you tried looking for the yarn on the ISO group in Ravelry?

Aim said...

mlanezoo--I haven't started looking yet. I ordered it online so that will be the first place I go to get more, but it will have to wait till after the new year, when things have settled down :(
Cuz, ya know. It's gift-knitting season, and that shawl is gonna be all mine!

Opal said...

I don't believe any sale is worth the hassle of battling the crowds on Black Friday. I heard that the crowd at that Long Island Walmart just kept walking by the employee who was trampled even while he was being worked on by the paramedics. Crazy crazy times.