Saturday, November 29, 2008

weekend thoughts

I just saw this for the first time: Matt dancing. Have you seen it? Guaranteed to make you smile, I promise.

I am not sure what happened to the time! I have not done much but lollygag at the computer today. Guess I needed that.

Time to walk the doggy and settle down for a warm night's knitting in front of the tube :) Maybe some laundry too, so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow.

I am seeing and bookmarking all kinds of fun things to make, and etsy yarn shops to visit after the holidays....I'd love that, deep in january's cold. Soon, soon.

I just had a long discussion with my brother on the Atlantic coast, regarding the tightening of the belts we've both done in the past couple of months. It is good to talk with people about this, it kind-of props you up to continue your efforts. There are so many reasons to be mindful of our spending habits.

On that note, thought I'd share something cool that happened. We got a fake tree gratis from someone at my DH's workplace. It was a pre-wired, lighted fake tree that no longer lit up in one section. DH brought it home and removed the lights, but left the central extension cord and now we don't have to buy a real tree again. We are going to find some pine-scented candles to put out, though, cuz we'll miss the scent of a real tree. I feel very happy about this; for years I have wanted to get a fake tree we can just store, but it has never happened (usually they are too pricey before the season, and afterwards I don't want anything to do with buying more Christmas stuff!!!)

Isn't that just peachy?! I'm so excited about our free tree :D It's nice looking--I'll post pics when I get it together. I really don't have it together right now!

Wanted to point out the beautiful Christmas tree that Raining Sheep has posted. That is probably the most stunning tree I've ever seen! Now I wish my free tree was white! (Nah.)

Look at these beautiful mitten patterns! So great, I love them. Can't wait til my knitting time is my own again, I <3 these mittens. happy knitting.



Acornbud said...

Fun video. It made me smile:)

mlanezoo said...

How fortunate to find a nice artificial tree...and just think, you are recycling!! We have one that needs to be replaced as it has been in a damp moldy basement for too long. Last year we weren't going to put it up, but Hayley insisted. It stunk SO bad that I doused it in Febreze...which only made it smell worse!

Mary Anne said...

Love the Matt video! and yay for your free recycled tree; we have the same and some scented candles go a long way to creating that 'pine' scent.

hetty said...

Great video! I always thought that I would never have an artificial tree, but now that the kids are grown and gone I can't think of putting up anything else! Good for you for finding a free one! That's even better.

Nat Red Knits said...

I love the Matt video!! Makes me wish I was young and brave.