Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yellowstone, the hat!

Grazing elk at Wraith Falls Trail, Yellowstone.

Sigh. Happy memories. Everytime I see a picture, I feel like that's MY National Park!

So, I'm 3/4 done with the tee I cast on during the flight to Yellowstone.

I tried it on with help from people at my LYS and it looks like the size might fit. It is supposed to be loosefitting, but since my gauge is way off, I've been eyeballing it the whole way. Luckily the yarn is drapey! (Ty-Dye in Tropicale colorway)

Here is my Yellowstone Hat, homespun, handknit, and happily worn during windy snowstorms and icy rain while hiking! I'm loving the bobbles.

Of course, I had hat hair after wearing this: some of my photos show this. But hey, who wants to be perfectly coiffed in the wilderness?!

This shrug I finished at least 6 weeks ago! I just never got around to photographing it.

I've worn it to work a couple times when the morning is very cool, and it's been just enough.

I feel well-adjusted right now =D
There is nothing like a nice vacation to wash away your worries and put things back into their proper perspective!


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Carrie K said...

I was really surprised how recharged I felt after a few days at the ocean.

Don't we all feel proprietory over our parks? Mine! lol. Nice elk pic.

I love your bobble hat! Cute and warm. The shrug and your top look good too, glad everything is fitting fairly well. It can be such a roll of the dice.