Friday, June 26, 2009

Remembering is Half the Fun

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, 7:24 PM. A DIY shot, to get some sense of scale (DH was busy with his own camera). Heh. ETA: That's the hat I knit on the flight out.

Butterflies in an alpine meadow, Yellowstone. This hike was a lovely, mid-morning crossing of a meadow alongside a babbling stream. Snow still capped some areas of the hills surrounding the hike. We were very protected in this basin...and there were tons of wildflowers to photograph.

Anybody know the identity of this flower? Is it a fritillary? I've never seen anything like it before! ETA: I've since found out it's called Prairie Smoke, Geum genus.

Make sure to turn your sound way up for this:

The silence is deafening. That was the culmination of the above-mentioned hike, one of many we made in the park. The ending was like dessert, a peaceful alpine lake complete with lily pads. Those were the first bugs we saw on the whole trip!

Some knitting links to keep my focus ;0)
Butterfly vintage doily to crochet.
A vintage potholder (very cute)
Kaleidoscope Hot pads (these look cool)
True vintage potholder! I've never tried this crochet technique, looks interesting.
Sarah London's Wooleater Blanket, gorgeous.
And her Hawaiian Flowers blankie. Awesome in her colors.

Happy Knit & Crochet everyone.

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Carrie K said...

Isn't it beautiful? So......well, majestic. Enjoy!

That vintage crocheted potholder has an intriguing construction.