Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eat My Hat....

Guess I have to eat my hat. We got about 10 inches of snow Friday and into this morning. It was wacky to have it coming down when I awoke, then all day the sun was brightly shining and the snow was melting!!! Very strange, short-lived little storm there.

I am sick. Grrr. I have caught a doozy from work. I have been sleeping most of the day, and sneezing until forced to take meds to make it stop! In between there, we went out to dinner, where it was fun until our table became intolerably hot and I had to stand up and get out of there before I hurled! Nice, huh? My poor family was still sitting at the table for about 10 more minutes, while I stood outside in the fresh air. We were supposed to go to a book store for a bit after that, but I needed to go home and lay down, and just got up after another 4 hour nap.

I was gonna knit for a while, but my nose won't stop running and I can't stop sneezing. Poor me. The hazards of my job make me wonder sometimes if I'm getting paid enough!!!!

I am working on the Ballet Wrap from Norah Gaughan in the Interweave Knits Spring 2005 issue. I purchased someone's old stash of mags online, and have started that sweater in a solid blue yarn (similar in color to my Blue Beauty Sweater, go figure!)....I'm on the curved part of the sash right now, and it's really fun to see how you bury the short-rows in the ribbing pattern stitch!

Also, I made a really fun scarf with some of the swap yarn I recieved from Carola last fall! It is mohair, and I only had one skein of this pink color, so I made a really cute fluffy scarf in lover's knot crochet. That thing took about an hour to make!

I was so pumped about that, I began another one, in the navy blue color of the same yarn from Carola. Unfortunately, the dark blue color came off on my fingers! So I decided to set the color by soaking the FO in vinegar water, then drying it. I was a bit more aggressive than I should have been--the darn thing felted! So I have a felted navy blue version of the same scarf >:|

I have also made a fish tawashi pattern I found online. It is cute, but I used the wrong kind of acrylic yarn to make it, and it's limp and floppy! It was very fussy to make up, so I'll probably not do another one. I had also made a circular scrubbie, and took it to work...that was a success, in regular acrylic. Finally a good use for acrylic yarn!!! It makes great dish scrubbies!

Here's how badly the Sugar 'n Cream Stripes yarn bleeds when washed. Very annoyed with the now "Red, Pink, & Blue" washcloths I got out of it.

I was gonna try and make a matching dishtowel, but now I think I might return the other balls of that yarn. There are plenty of other yarns to use that won't bleed like that.

I have been busy, as you can see. I'll try to be a better blog-sistah! More photos to come....


hakucho said...

I'm so sorry your're not feeling well. Love your pink delicate and lovely.

Your fish twashi is very cute. Too bad it's so fussy to make. It is a great way to use up acrylic :)

Carola said...

Feel better soon, Aim! It sucks that you got sick again. You seem to be even better at catching various bugs than I am. Do you work with kids since you get sick so often?

Sorry to see that your scarf bled that much, Aim! Ick. I don't even remember what yarn I sent you. I just remember all the lovely yarn you sent me LOL! You started a life-long love for Sugar 'n Cream, but I'm sorry to see how your dish cloth yarn bled. How odd is that! So far, my SnC hasn't bled but then again I don't think I've made anything with such saturated colors yet. Mostly pastels.

Take care and big *hug*.

shell said...

Aim, so sorry to hear you are under the weather- and so close to your birthday too!
I do hope it will pass quickly, and you will be back up to your knitting self!

Rima said...

Such great projects! You have been really at it. Sorry about the bleeding :(

Robin said...

The Sugar and Cream will continue to bleed red, so be careful. I have a dishcloth I made a year ago that still turns the dishwater pink. I love dishcloth cotton, but won't ever buy the red again.

I love that Ballet Wrap sweater. It's going to be gorgeous in the blue.