Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dyeing....for warmer weather

I took an indigo dyeing class today. What fun! That dye is like magic when you pull the yarn out of the pot, and it's yellow, but then turns to dark blue before your eyes! What a cool thing :)

The photo above is where my damp, dyed yarn is maturing for the next 24 hours (it's stinky)! Isn't it a kick? (I'm sure the neighbors are enjoying this.) This is my first handspun, all chunky and gunky, but it was the only undyed yarn I had...I got to practice on the shop owner's yarn though, and so I got a lot more dyeing experience than dyed yarn. I love the indigo color, and the dying is not difficult at all! Wheeee.

I got roving when I bought my Ashford, and I think I will spin it up, and purchase some indigo dye and do some dyeing outdoors. I can't tolerate the fumes inside, my house is too freaking small to stink it up like that, but I love the results.

Okay, other news: I FINISHED MY RIPPLE BLANKET!!!!! Finished it on Easter Sunday, and here's a pic:
It was too big to even lay it out flat in my living room, I had to fold it over by 1/3 and measure it that way before I shrank it. Unfortunately, it came out of the dryer COVERED in gray crumbly lint, so back into the wash it went before I could measure it again (it was literally leaving a trail on my floor)! I have yet to measure it again :P

I'm also in the process of making "My So-Called Scarf". I bought some fun thick and thin yarn in a bright colorway:
Then, there is Meinstein without sleeves or collar:

Pretty unimpressive.

And my Ballet Wrap sweater progress, this sash is interminable! But you can see how it is curving for the body-shaping and neckline. It's a cool pattern that way.
Gotta go to bed, I have a doozy of a headache.....


Acornbud said...

Wow that indigo dying is on my to do list. It is my favorite color!
Congratulations on finishing you ripple blanket. I love the colors.

hakucho said...

My goodness've been busy. Your ripple afgan is beautiful :) Very colorful!!