Monday, July 18, 2011

Garment Summer

I have 2 new sweaters finished this past month!!! I made a Granny Cardigan only following the basic initial construction info, so it is an oversized boxy sweater. Cracks me up, and used tons of random balls of yarn....yay!

The other one I finished about a week ago, the Chevron Lace Cardigan with random ugly clown-barf wool I had on hand. I plan on overdying it with a brown, so it will not look like a pastel leopard!

I like how fast this one was to make, and pretty simple, I just need to dye and block it....

Kitties are growing big!
They are the light of my life lately, and make me laugh constantly! All you cat-lovers out there, I have forgotten how much fun kittens are!

Happy summer!


Carrie#K said...

Kittens are so cuuuuuute!

Both those sweaters are really cute! The Granny Square is really fun, if boxy band I like how the chevron lace colors played out.

Acornbud said...

What fun projects! Those kittens are so sweet. They must be a lot of fun.

PJ said...

Cardigans and cat...beautiful! Happy Summer to you as well!