Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dedicated Butt Scissors


Alright, I'll tell:
My GF and I were discussing how we have to intermittently chase our hairiest pets around and wipe their butts off and trim their butt fur because of their fur carrying lingering doody after potty-time. After all, you don't want doody all over the house and the furniture. We both noted that we have 'dedicated butt scissors' just for that very purpose and that those scissors are kept well away from normal daily activities. But that once, her mom used the scissors marked food to cut kitty's hair....At least it wasn't the other way around!

Okay, nuff said.

We had a nice crocheting and knitting time together over a glass of wine. She brought me a Yankee Candle called Cinnamon Toast--Oh, YUM! It smells wonderful. I'm gonna go light it right now....

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Mary Anne said...

heeheeheeee...this made me giggle so much!