Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home-made and Cheap

I AM LOVING THIS! Check out these "recipes" for home cleaning products....let's see I think I'll make soap first :)

I went to Ikea 3 weeks ago with DD, and bought a dedicated large spaghetti pot for soap making. When the weather warms, I will be doing this project outdoors, so as not to be using caustic chemicals (lye) in the kitchen. I need to also get a hotplate I can use outdoors....wonder where I can find one of those? I am looking to get a picnic table this summer also, and another yard swing...As if I'm made of money! Oh well, there's always something!

This year for christmas I am giving homemade soaps that I will make throughout the warmer weather. That is a do-ahead kind of project I'm thrilled about. And, I was thinking of knitting a washcloth for each bar I give. I have a million washcloths now, and I cannot knit any more for myself unless I wanna be Crazy Washcloth Lady (which I don't), so the next ones I make will be for gifts! I still have crap-loads of leftover cotton yarn to use up!

St Patty's Day is around the corner, I should make up some decor....Let me check on Ravelry and see what is there, I know I'd queued several shamrock designs in past years. I want to Irish up my house this year!

I am on a super-tight budget this month, after having to pay up front for the wisdom tooth to be pulled. Hope the insurance will reimburse me quickly. I love a challenge, though :)

If the weather behaves a bit, I may walk to work one day, and just plan on staying through lunch. I burn a bit o' gas going home each day for lunch, but I really can't stand staying there through my whole lunch hour if I don't have to. Soon, I may be biking (I know, I said that a couple years ago. This time the cost of gas may make me actually follow through)

Menu possibilities for this week: crock pot 15-bean soup, homemade chocolate chip cookies, cheese/sausage & crackers antipasti, penne pasta with homemade sauce (I made it already this week with huge chunks of meat), chicken spinach wraps, naan sandwiches with hummus.

Happy almost-Spring, y'all!

Aim, the impatient


Acornbud said...

Lot's of inspirations! Sounds like fun projects coming up.

Sharper said...

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