Saturday, July 31, 2010

"L" is for

Love. Have you seen the love in this lion video?! This is truly amazing (best have a box of tissues handy):

Did you cry? I did, and I do every time I watch that thrill of recognition where Christian runs to greet them after years of separation....

I am truly amazed that love can exist in the animal kingdom. We tend to think of animals as somehow lesser species, yet they are capable of so much!

As knitting goes, well, we all know that L is for Lace! And here is a great link to
Eunny Jang's tutorial series Woo hoo, I've now broken the lace barrier, and am looking forward to my next project! I still have to pick up the Mananita project and finish it. And NOW I have such a better grasp of lace. Wheeeee!

And speaking of Lace Love, I love
this great doily scarf Such a great idea, and a beautiful use for lace that would otherwise moulder in a drawer.

And...if you want to see some glorious and amazing crochet lace clothing, you should go to Antonina K's Flickr account and surf her designs. They are amazing! I am completely in love with this one (photo used with permission):

Whoa. That is some serious lace crochet! I'm floored.

Originally written 1/10/09...hope the linkies still work :)
(I think that is my favorite online video ever)


Acornbud said...

wow! That blouse is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

jewels50 said...

That is so amazing, and I see you might be wearing jeans and that tells me it's something that can be worn with something dressy or not so dressy.

Sara said...

Yes I blubbed over the lion video - priceless!